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MMC Poland

We are the organizer of the highest quality business meetings in Poland. Our congresses, conferences and trainings gather managerial staff, representatives of management boards of global companies and specialists in almost all fields. Each event is not only a platform for the exchange of experience, but also an excellent opportunity to establish fruitful cooperation with valued entrepreneurs and representatives of public administration.
We belong to the Polish Chamber of Training Companies. Since 2012, we have been listed on the New Connect stock exchange. Almost five years ago we also became a member of the Employers of the Republic of Poland.
Since the beginning of our activity, we have been closely cooperating with Knowledge Providers, which allows us to take care of the full satisfaction of our Clients.
We do not stop developing. We implement ideas and projects that respond to the needs of the modern market. Our reliable and conscientious work is appreciated both in Poland and abroad. Every year we receive Forbes Diamonds, a prestigious award for the fastest growing companies.


We organize international congresses with the participation of, among others, representatives of the legislative authority, representatives of government and local government administration, presidents and directors of leading companies, as well as experienced speakers from abroad. Experts willingly share their knowledge and present innovative solutions that change the face of the modern world.
Each year we prepare several dozen congresses devoted to the most current challenges facing key sectors of the Polish economy. The substantive value of the debates conducted during the meetings is ensured by Programme Councils chaired by excellent specialists.
Most of the congresses have been edited over a dozen times. This is the best proof that the events we organise have a reputation among people who are keenly interested in the future of Polish business.
During the meeting, the conference rooms are filled to the brim. During two days of the congress we host on average over 500 participants. It is worth noting that we also offer our participants the opportunity to conduct fruitful conversations in a much smaller group, for example during networking meetings or in the formula of round tables.
Spring congresses are accompanied by evening gala events, which are an excellent opportunity to establish long-term business relationships. During the celebrations, independent competition chapters award prizes to outstanding personalities and the best developing companies in Poland.


Each year we organize several hundred conferences for employees of various industries, such as: financial, energy, development, construction, logistics, IT and telecommunications. We make every effort to ensure that the participants of our meetings are up to date with frequently changing legal regulations. The knowledge gained during the conferences, which are conducted by recognized practitioners, makes it easier for students to perform many activities during their daily work.
Meeting participants learn about the most effective methods and ways to optimize operating costs in the company, or to acquire resources (e.g. expert knowledge, know-how of partners), which the company does not yet have.
Conference programs are created on the basis of the results of detailed market research. Thanks to this, all issues discussed during the meetings are as up-to-date as possible. We want the conferences to bring only measurable benefits to the participants.

Hard training

Every year we organize several dozen meetings for employees of key sectors of Polish business. These are specialist trainings, during which participants improve their professional qualifications and gain practical knowledge in fields closely related to their work. Our students, thanks to the skills acquired and/or shaped during the meetings, consistently increase the competitive advantage of their companies.
The trainings are conducted by well-known and valued practitioners, by specialists with many years of experience, who encourage participants to solve specific tasks in groups and to participate in moderated discussions.

Soft training

We are well aware of the fact that it is the people who create the company. Their continuous development has a positive impact on the functioning of the entire company. We meet the expectations of employees of many sectors of Polish business and each year we organize several dozen meetings during which we conduct a lively discussion about the most current challenges, such as marketing and sales, project management or human resources.
We prepare trainings devoted to soft skills development. We help participants to build self-awareness and inspire them to consistently develop their professional competences.
We do our best to be a true partner of our listeners. Together with them, we work on solutions that make it easier to achieve even the most ambitious business goals. We use the best methods developed on the basis of psychology, economics, statistics, consulting and coaching.



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