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MMC Polska is an organizer of the highest quality business meetings in Poland. The Group consists of the following entities: MM Conferences S.A., MMC Szkolenia, MMC Acadamy and an advertising agency, MMC Design. The Group organizes conferences, workshops and training aimed at specialists, managerial staff and the management boards of leading companies.
The meetings provide a platform for experts representing various sectors to exchange information, knowledge and experience. Training and workshops are conducted by well-known practitioners with many years of experience in their sectors. We offer events tailored to the needs of customers who represent various business profiles. Conferences are of an international character and attract full representation of the market, starting from representatives of companies, central administration and the regulators. In addition, in response to the current market expectations, MMC Polska also organizes closed training. The organized events bring about such effects as improved employee qualifications, expanded practical knowledge and increased competitive advantage. Training, workshops and conferences are sold through Knowledge Partners, a long term partner of MMC Polska. Since 2012, the company has been listed on New Connect and has been a member of Employers of Poland (Pracodawcy RP) and the Polish Chamber of Training Companies (Polska Izba Firm Szkoleniowych) since 2013.
The MMC Polska Group is made up of young people whose primary goal is the development of new paradigms responding to a rapidly changing market situation, the creation of innovative projects and a new view of business.


Conferences, congresses, forums and symposia are flagship projects of MM Conferences S.A. Events of this type are aimed at senior and middle management in companies from sectors of key importance to the economy. Every year we implement several dozen such projects and their number has been steadily increasing The vast majority of these events are conceived and initiated by our company. They are organized twice a year (spring and autumn), which seals off the market, ensures discussions on the most recent issues and allows those involved to create recommendations and establish directions of development. Including 2016, many of them have had a dozen or so editions, which confirms their indisputable position in the market as being highly appreciated by people who represent particular sectors. Each conference event attracts over 500 participants and over 50 speakers who, during a two-day meeting, are offered an opportunity to exchange knowledge, take part in debates co-organized by the Program Boards, and above all, build business relationships. Each topic included in the conference agenda is preceded by statistical research conducted among a representative group of participants – thus, we are sure that the topics tackled are current and will be regarded as interesting by the target group of the meeting. Thanks to market research and through cooperation with key representatives of individual sectors, we become aware of the most important trends and changes in the market and their increasingly strong penetration. As a result of this, the group of cross-sector target projects has been expanding from edition to edition. The legal and regulatory environment plays a crucial role in each business; hence, a large number of ministries, central and self-governing administrative bodies are represented in the projects. Their meetings with business representatives during our events are where they conduct public consultations and confront regulations that have been developed regarding the specific needs of the market. The spring editions of individual events are also accompanied by evening Grand Galas. Key individuals are invited to participate in them, while the seating arrangement fosters the building of direct relationships. During each of the Grand Galas, independent Competition Juries grant awards to the best companies and personalities.


The Workshop Production Department is a team of passionate people who prepare practical workshops for the financial, energy, property development, construction, telecommunications, logistics and IT sectors, among others. Activities related to workshops organized by MMC Polska enable market participants to keep up with the constantly changing legal regulations while the workshops provide an ideal opportunity to optimize the processes that take place in the businesses and become familiar with proven methods that have an impact on business development. Owing to cooperation with outstanding partners, we can offer workshops that are characterized by a high level of expertise and access to the latest management trends. The agendas of the events are created on the basis of detailed market research and analyzed in terms of their practical business use, and as a result, the workshops provide a tangible benefit to the participants. Workshop projects are prepared by the producers from the very beginning until their final implementation.

MMC Academy is a brand that deals with the organization of specialist training. The organized events bring about such effects as improved employee qualifications, expanded practical knowledge and increased competitive advantage. The offer includes training in the so-called hard skills which comprise areas directly related to the performed work. We offer events tailored to the needs of customers that represent various business profiles. The meetings are conducted by well-known practitioners, experts with many years of experience in their sectors who present key rules that ensure the effective implementation of various processes. We strongly promote activation of participants in our training.

MMC Szkolenia strictly cooperates with companies which care about the development of their staff and are aware of the fact that the people make the company, so improvement of their competences translates into more effective operation for the entire organization. The offer comprises open training - in project management, marketing, HR, personal development and sales management; closed trainings - organized based on original needs analysis method MMC360, as well as complex training packages - aimed at the development of the soft skills of participants who undergo the whole training process - starting from the building of self-awareness and ending with the development of professional skills. Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner of our customers, offering a wide range of solutions that facilitate the achievement of even the most ambitious business objectives. We are constantly posing ourselves new challenges, which allows us to meet market requirements in the best and most effective manner, using the most innovative and recent methods of strategic analysis, consultancy, training and coaching.

MMC Szkolenia

trainings dedicated to the customer

MMC Design

graphic designs, websites,
advertising campaigns

MMC Events

service and organization of events



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